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I see a menu link kickstarters in our website. What is it ?

Many publishers are utilizing the kickstarter platform for bringing new games or reprints. This helps them to understand the demand and get orders and money in advance. They offer exclusive kickstarter content and due to direct to customer orders they offer better price than the retail editions.

As i retailer, we make pledge in kickstarter and import them in bulk and deliver to you.

Why I have to order kickstarter through you ? It is cheaper to order directly on the kickstarter.

Please calculate the KS Pledge price + Shipping + Customs and you will find it cheaper to order in our website. We order in bulk and import by sea and our price inclusive of everything.

I need a kickstarter game, Can you source it ?

Please contact us and we will look into the possibility of sourcing it for you and other interested customers. Please check this link for current kick starter games either in stock or we are taking pre-orders https://www.boardgamesindia.com/kickstarters

What is KS Hub ?

We are working as Kick starter fulfillment hub for VFI Asia. When publisher use VFI Asia as fulfillment partner for Asia, then VFI Asia ship these orders  in bulk to us and we ship within India. You will receive the games without any customs duties or any other charges. Please check this link https://www.boardgamesindia.com/kickstarter-hub if any of your order is coming in.

Please note we will not be able to tell when the item will be handed over to us by VFI Asia and also we will not be able to check with them whether your order arrived VFI Asia or not. It is one way communication and they will inform us when they are shipping something to us.

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