I see for many games button as Pre-order. What is it ?


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What is Pre-order ?

When you see a item with button as PRE-ORDER, it means the item is coming up in stock. If you make an order to this item, it will be shipped to you as soon as it arrives our ware house.

Why I have to Pre-order ?

We order limited quantity of each item based on demand. So, if you pre-order a item, it ensures that you will be getting a copy of the game.

Also, when we start taking pre-order for a set of items from one supplier, we offer you 10% discount, for a limited period so that you can get a benefit for paying in advance.

When will my pre-ordered items be dispatched?

We are showing the expected date for each item above the price. This is a approximate date on which we will start shipping the item.

When I have to make payment for my pre-order?

Payment for your pre-order is to be done when you place your order and upto maximum of 48 hours we can wait for bank transfer or UPI payment.

The expected date is passed, but my item is not yet shipped why ?

We are committed to ship the items as per the expected date. However, many situations such as availability of ship, delay in port in loading to the booked ship, transit delays, missing of connecting ships, customs clearance etc. are beyond our control. Hence, please keep this in mind when you pre-order a item.

I may not be available at my given address, at the time of shipping (expected date), May i order now and change shipping address later ?

Yes, this is possible. While placing the order add a comment "Please hold the order and check before shipping". We will mark your order as hold and check with you for your address or availability before shipping

What happens if my order for pre-order also contains items which are currently in stock?

If your order contains multiple items including at least one pre-order, your whole order will not be shipped until all items are in stock. If you want to purchase a regular in- stock item alongside a pre-order, we suggest placing separate orders to ensure you receive the in-stock item(s) as soon as possible.

Can I cancel my pre-order?

Yes, you are free to cancel the preorder, provided that your order has not yet been dispatched. However, if you have requested for a item and that item is specificically ordered for you, then we may not be able to cancel the order.

Is my pre-order guaranteed?

Any item made available through pre-order is a confirmed order with our suppliers, which we expect to arrive with us as per expected date. In some rare cases, we are informed by our suppliers that certain products are out of stock – in these instances we will contact any affected customers to discuss the issue and resolve amicably. It is possible, that the item may be available in in the future orders.

I made a pre-order, now the item is showing as out of stock on the website. Has that stock been reserved for me?

Any time you place an order with us, the items are reserved for you unless you asked as to cancel it. The item will be shipped when we receive it.

I want a item but the button shows REQUEST THIS GAME, What is it ?

Items with REQUEST THIS GAME buttons are available with our supplier and we have the option to order them. However, it will be ordered only if someone is interested in it. So, if you are interested click the REQUEST THIS GAME button and input your email. We will get an email notification about the requirement and we will be able to see consolidated demand too. When the item comes in stock or ready for preorder, an automatic email will be sent to all the customers who expressed interest for the item.

We do not enforce or insist you to order the item for which you have expressed interest. However, kindly understand we order based on your request and hencec please honor it.

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